Monday, November 30, 2009

BMW Welt in Munhen... I was there in first week since opening!

It is steel cloud with stadium dimentions. Computered creativity and hand made details and joints. Glamorouse restrant and technical museum. Sign of future and silikon brushed by fingers on the gap. You fill vibration of space and see stability of tornado. As for me... I want come back every time when it is possible and do not want repeat it.....

House for 100 sq.m.

Actually, if you have 100 sq.m. plot of land, what can you build?
Ten steps forvard, ten steps left or right... But, you want good view to neighbours and couple of sq. meters for plants. It is not a joke indeed! I saw same "for sale" plot near Moscow. And I created this idea as a good exercise for me as architect! Best view to neighbours from above, and, if you turn on your imagination, you can find place for car in corner.