Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 IMM Cologne - find new...

Slowly wandering trough rows of stands I checked almost all famous brands... Actualy if they change color of leather wraping for furniture or just invented new side-table I can not say someone created collection... A lot of brands did like this... and they hopefully see to visitors awaiting for interest and approval. A lot of top managers normally there.... meetings and discussions... What are they discuss if they had nothing done before?
And finaly I found not so crowdy place with realy nice and stylish, exactly architecturaly looks like collection. The best one is "Ora Gamy" by Ora Ito. If you are the fun of "Star wars", me - fun, this chair is you must have:)))..... or you should convince your client by this... or you can disign house where this chair is to the point.... If you like this. I like.