Thursday, December 3, 2009

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 06 - glass wall assambling

It is first time, when we saw part of our digital project embodied on site. We fill proud little bit:)... We are on the right way. Small mistakes are occure, but in total - unbelivable complicated design was born. We investigated all problems, we understud all deficults, and fill of entysiasm completle finish exactly by project.

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 05 - glass wall preparation to assambling

No more chance for mistakes:) Resault depends on this two young gays... Subconstruction is always sceleton of success...

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 04 - site ready to install glass and wooden details

Everything clear... We finished gipsum, plaster, marble, painting, pipes and electrisity... All details, should be installed, was made in Germany, by perfect furniture making company Brunold, in Bavaria. The moment of truth is coming. Do we have probability fix and assamble subconstractions and final glass panels exectly by measurements with only milimeter gaps?...

More topological re:identity process

Interesting research of digital way of making projects.

Whould be good experience realize similar building.