Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10th Architectural Biennale - common impressions

Massimiliano Fuksas - Fiera Milano International

First time I heard in detail about this project in Moscow, at Fuksas's lecture about his works. He explained about scale of this complex, about morphology of huge glass river between pavilions. That, every triangular glass piece has his own mesurment and absultely individualy. He sayd great thanks for italian labours, who help him carefully assemble every piece. All of us, who was on this lecture, was under his aura of professionalism and creation.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.- small doc video for fans

One of the first modern monument observed by smoll doc video. Unfortunetely, I didn't have same things when I was student and fan of Le Corbusier:)...

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Le Corbusier / Villa Savoye from 0300TV on Vimeo.

Monday, December 21, 2009

11th Architectural Biennale - other impressions

My other impressions from late Biennale: it is stends, people and how people contact to exibition... Actualy, and Venice is place of contrasts, like this white pantalonas behind extrimly item in Chinese area on first foto... I try reflect feeling of Biennale...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Michael DeLucia - ArtWork


This is very architectural instalation, isn't it?... Space inside is very froggy and enigatic... Shape is definit, but content is always deep in imagination...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 10 - site is done

We hope, we achived result... Greate thanks for Brunold, Franz, Antonio, Rafael :).....

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 09 - kitchen glass wall assambling

This glass wall was designed as finished part of kitchen area, with absolutly cool SieMatic equipment. In same time it is wall between entrance area and kitchen. It is the first element of design, and so, it presents style and technic solutions for this appartment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grand Arch Paris Defense by Spreckelsen

 How is life of gigantic concrete platform, whit the name La Defense, today? Till this time nothing more interesting Grand Arch exists there. End of big city axis is actualy most interesting center of architectural ideas combines scale, impressions, technological solutions and detailes. Cubic form of arch repits in maltiple sqware windows, two of gemetric pilons confront to buterfly wings of two tents... Using of ancent style white carrara marble together with naked joints is too surprised also...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

FRANK GEHRY - 2008 Serpentine Gallery pavilion in London

I was lucky to see this temporary building by last monster of deconstructivism. Naked geometric style inside old Green park stays naturally like tree... I could spend hours sitting on big steps under this huge wood-and-glass leaves, seeing sun and clouds. Row materials columnes has not finished surfaces and gaps, and remindes me wood detales in grandfather's house. Most amazingly, it is to the point.

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 08 - wood and glass tonque assambling

This wall will be background for TV, and so, main point of appartment composition.

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 07 - wood and glass tonque preparation to assambling

Opposit first glass wall more complicated design created. Tonque, which consist on wooden part in floor level, ferrari color leather part on the wall, and glass on the ceiling.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 06 - glass wall assambling

It is first time, when we saw part of our digital project embodied on site. We fill proud little bit:)... We are on the right way. Small mistakes are occure, but in total - unbelivable complicated design was born. We investigated all problems, we understud all deficults, and fill of entysiasm completle finish exactly by project.

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 05 - glass wall preparation to assambling

No more chance for mistakes:) Resault depends on this two young gays... Subconstruction is always sceleton of success...

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 04 - site ready to install glass and wooden details

Everything clear... We finished gipsum, plaster, marble, painting, pipes and electrisity... All details, should be installed, was made in Germany, by perfect furniture making company Brunold, in Bavaria. The moment of truth is coming. Do we have probability fix and assamble subconstractions and final glass panels exectly by measurements with only milimeter gaps?...

More topological re:identity process

Interesting research of digital way of making projects.


Whould be good experience realize similar building.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Richard Rogers Partnership - Barajas aeroport Madrid

All year, from autumn 2007 to september 2008, incredible Barajas was my own gate to my site in Malaga. No directly flights from Moscow to Malaga at winter time, so, I allways did this way: foor floors down, train, foor floors up, long walk with multicolor columnes above... All joints are opened, all ideas are cleared... Huge scale of thinking not only in horisontal, but n vertical too. And next flight to my interiors millimetres!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 03 - fully demolished site

All walls, sistems, tubes, pipes and so on was deinstalled. First month. Thanks to Antonio's labours:)

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 02 - It was the site before renovation

Are you ready to build anything cool and modern inside this white cake?:)...
We try...
Some fotos of the appartment before renovation. Next articles by this lebel will present visibility of demolition and first period of gipsum boarding installation.

Monday, November 30, 2009

BMW Welt in Munhen... I was there in first week since opening!

It is steel cloud with stadium dimentions. Computered creativity and hand made details and joints. Glamorouse restrant and technical museum. Sign of future and silikon brushed by fingers on the gap. You fill vibration of space and see stability of tornado. As for me... I want come back every time when it is possible and do not want repeat it.....

House for 100 sq.m.

Actually, if you have 100 sq.m. plot of land, what can you build?
Ten steps forvard, ten steps left or right... But, you want good view to neighbours and couple of sq. meters for plants. It is not a joke indeed! I saw same "for sale" plot near Moscow. And I created this idea as a good exercise for me as architect! Best view to neighbours from above, and, if you turn on your imagination, you can find place for car in corner.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA on 11th Architectural Biennale

New Chinese architectural dragon emerges! He brings clear style and pure fasilities. He is on the back side of Bienalle site yet, but... Future comes, and young persons, who are not pressed by old experience of regular buildings, who are opened to new vawes of creation, for whom... all the process of grow of modern european architecture is not like background, but like new fully built sistem, what they should undersand and use... That young architects will appear in euroupean tradition in positive way nearbly:)...

Monday, November 23, 2009

ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS on 11th Architectural Biennale

No one contemporary architectural exibition may not exist without Zaha Hadid installation. There is only one question for me... Why, if you see something in this soft waved style, it is 100% - Zaha Hadid? What is about other architects? They can not think same way? Or it is not interesting for them? Or, they afraid be like very familiar and well-known person, and everybody will say: " look! they work like Z..." We lose evolution of the style, if only once percon associate with the style...

ASIMPTOTE ARCHITECTURE on 11th Architectural Biennale

To my opinion - most incredible stend of the Bienalle... You may fill future coming... If you are practice architect - you understand how unbelivble this shapes are... Everybody try to translate this thinks to common life, while seen on this. They are not digital yet, but still models... High level of creativity makes me ashamed becouse of my everyday regular practice...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Malaga appartment, AELITA, 01 - concept

It's model of new project in Malaga, Spain. We started by conception, becouse we try create something opposit to traditional Malaga style, opposit to hot and san. Somthing, should be island of cool and modern technologes in this contryside area:)...

Monday, November 16, 2009

I found Palladio in Vicenza!!! It exists!:)

The reason, why we, my wife and me, decided visit Vicenza, was the opinion, that best Palladio's buildings are in Vicenza, his nativ city. We have been in Venice a lot of times before, and I used to think no comparison to Venice's Palladio's monuments!... But Vicenza...

We arrived in sanny slippy midday... nobodys on streets... absolutly salent city was perfect decoration for dozen villagescaled buildings. In same time, every of them was pearl, actualy ancent pearl which are still alive in epoque of Foster, Nuvel and Hadid. Has them seen this monuments, do anybody know?:))).... I know Le Corbusie saw Venice, and I'm sure, Dozh Palace was exactly prototype for early Corbu villas:))) However, here is a little of my impresions of Vicenza.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Biggest architectural exhibition in Russia ArchMoscow 2009

I would like to start from our stend on ArchMoscow... Actualy, Russia is on the back side of architectural process, now. I do not know why! However, we try do something interesting... just for us, for our emerging. The idea of exhibition was "NEXT". What is realy "next" in architecture? Our solution was - "next" is information fields arownd us. Yes! It allredy exist, of course! But it's only rising, and it is very strong intrigue for future: will information field replace regular buildings or not? I mean, walls, bricks, ceilings... Or they will combine together? We just try to imagin small house inside information waves...

And, of course:) Inside this type of house in future only information images of owners will be:) We are alredy appears in our houses by internet, talking with daugthers and wifes by mobiles, checking everithing by camers and smarthouse sistems. If your daugther or son can see you only few minuts befor sliping, it realy mean, that just information image of you attend:))).....