Monday, November 16, 2009

I found Palladio in Vicenza!!! It exists!:)

The reason, why we, my wife and me, decided visit Vicenza, was the opinion, that best Palladio's buildings are in Vicenza, his nativ city. We have been in Venice a lot of times before, and I used to think no comparison to Venice's Palladio's monuments!... But Vicenza...

We arrived in sanny slippy midday... nobodys on streets... absolutly salent city was perfect decoration for dozen villagescaled buildings. In same time, every of them was pearl, actualy ancent pearl which are still alive in epoque of Foster, Nuvel and Hadid. Has them seen this monuments, do anybody know?:))).... I know Le Corbusie saw Venice, and I'm sure, Dozh Palace was exactly prototype for early Corbu villas:))) However, here is a little of my impresions of Vicenza.

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