Monday, July 18, 2016

Best Furniture Stores NYC

Best Furniture Stores NYC - Review Julien Aleksandres is an interior designer, and we invited him in the showroom in downtown Manhattan to express his opinions on the topic of best furniture stores nyc. has hand-crafted furniture here from the Turri family in Italy, Having been in the business for four generations the Turri company works with skilled artisans on true Italian luxury furniture. Let’s start by reviewing classical chest of drawers. This chest has beautiful hand curving and hand decoration with 24 different inlaid veneers. It is from a classical design, but it can be customized however you like. It may look like an antique, but it will last for generations and it works like new, with smooth drawer gliders and leather lining. The veneer pattern on a dining set is also classical. The silver gilt gives it a contemporary twist. The armchairs are impressive -- they have veneer pattern at the back and hand decoration -- but they are comfortable too, right for the best furniture stores nyc. Next are sleek chests of drawers. They're handcrafted in Italy to the highest standards of quality and luxury. Here the contrast between the high-gloss dark brown wood and the golden patterned leather drawer fronts makes for a really dramatic statement. They can also be ordered in soft hues. And these Italian luxury furniture chests are not only high-style, but high-function as well. You can check how smoothly the drawers operate. And, the leather lining ensures your possessions will be well-tended. How many furniture pieces can say that? I'm an interior designer and I like choices for my clients. - the finest hand-crafted Italian luxury furniture on the market and one of the best furniture stores nyc - gives me choices. The armchairs, for example, come in more than 100 fabrics and 50 leathers (flips through the choices). And, the finish on the tables and the chests were designed to coordinate. The sofas are comfort Italian-style. What fabrics or leathers would you choose for this? With the brown and cream you're going for a subtle color contrast, but you could go more dramatic with red and white. Imagine! Custom furniture gives me the selection I need and luxury my clients deserve.