Thursday, April 29, 2010

Milan 2010 Cor & interlubke - huge problems of furniture monsters

Second Milano exhibition dyring economy crises... Last one was the test for first shock of furniture makers, all of them asked each other about forecast for finish bad economy situation. And just await good news.
This year all understand that it is for long time... And try adapt for these problems. Adapt in very different ways. I look for evidence of future progress on stends of real newsmakers, as I am used to think about Cor & Interlubke, for example.

First horrible news about Interlubke I'v seen on last exhibition in Colone. It was new line of cheap furniture. Those white multyrestangular case, you can see it on background of fourth picture, made in very cheap and poor style, but, I don't know why, in Colone Interlubke installed it as the first to entrance. Doors of it not latch, shelves was broken, and white painting is third rate quality. Actually, I can not imagine my common clients for Interlubke furniture, who can buy this case. And when this company make first step to low qualiti market, it can lose common clients, unfortunately...
Next weakly effort of big companes save profit is making the step to bed taste market, glamorous and art-deko furniture. I never, never can imagine Cor leather furniture in gold color! To my mind, Cor was allways island of good teste. It was proud have piece of Cor furniture in a house or in a project. It was espesial furniture for supercool interiours from concrete and glass, clear minimalism. And now we see fully gold armchear...
Only one low and long case with inoxcolor drawers still remind glorious past of these companes.

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