Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 La Biennale di Venezia

My first and most important impression by this year Biennale is Rem Kolhas. I see him, I look at him, and it seems to me, even watching him you become smart:)))... and understand more about architecture. You understand love architecture inside yourself but not you in architecture. I just had opportunity shake his hands and say my congratulations to Old Dragon of modern architecture! Gold Lion was given him on this Biennale.
On these pictures Rem Kolhas in cofeshop together with his team (I think), and on the presentation his stand.

When someone ask me what to see first, my opinion is - Australian pavilion. It is the best one! Not this black and red cabine, but what you can see inside and what I can not make a picture. There is the movie with huge urbanism forecast... You should see it, they put a lot of unexpected thought about future of us, they did a lot of work for this film, still not possible buy it on DVD, so, you should buy a ticket, fly to Venice and see it:)))
Second one I recomend for immediately visit is Chechoslovacia pavilion, because of this nice and very precision work for a lot of units in uptodate ecological wooden style. These very delicate models takes your attention for long time thanks to it mastership.
And what I even could not imagine to see in reality is those spider web like models in Canadian pavilion. Those crazy gays made it not in 3D virtual world but as real objects you can touch and fill... And next point - it moves... All these models are alive, breathe and all this composition will surprise you very much, I'm insure...


analia said...

I can't wait to bask in his aura ;)

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up_today_arch said...

You know him?:)