Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zaha Hadid MAXXI museum details...

This is second time I visited this site. Mostly I was attracted by details... Small, sometimes invisible things but important for real construction. My external overview describes few level-top professional solutions for compression joints. It is always important for such a big concrete building.
Two pictures below are just to refresh a look.

Entrance area... very complicated bottom of suspended galleries... Glass doors at the left side are indicate the entrance.

Connection to the exicting listed building - old-time barak.

Cool selection of materials... Also I like hinges...

Just concrete surface... It usually has this pattern of flows.

What is realy interesting for me is a quantity of compression joints used for this building.
First of them you can see bellow between curved passage directed to the right side and triangular part of ceiling at the left side.

You can see few tops covering some important points of this compression joint.

Next compression joint is 3-dimentional. It starts in low left corner of the picture exactly left side of the garbage bin, goes up to the suspended gallery and turns right rounding the window... take attention NO compression joint above the turn...

Here, two another compression joints obviosly are seen. First is in the corner connection of suspended gallery... Second one is on the left vertical wall and has Z-shape.

I like this view very much...:)

The opposite side of the gallery (actually front side).

This compression joint goes around entire vertical section.

Here is appearence of compression joint on the front side of the museum.

This one placed deeply inside of the structure. You can find it above the glass wall on the previouse picture.

Concrete bench in front of main fasade.

The fence is combination of black painted metal and concrete.

This is moveable part of electrical gate... even it has the design.

Concrete steps...

Just red hidrant on the site...

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