Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little black dress of modern architecture...

 Normally, when Serpentine gallery invites some architects to build annual pavilion in Kensington garden, itmeans it should be like manifesto. But what if every regular building of the architect already is the manifesto?
After last year announcement that Piter Zumtor is the author of 2011's Serpentine pavilion, everyone was intrigued just because Zumtor's work is always concrete, stone, something strong... Will this temporary pavilion also be build from concrete?... How it could be removed next year?

Black parallelepiped sits in Serpentine garden both as Cubric's monolith and Malevich's "Black square". It's a little bit complicated to see any system or proportional order in height, length and width of this building or catch any rhythm in door openings. It has been drawn intuitively for sure and looks completely harmonically. Thanks to four dimentions pitched roof inclined inside, the small yard with Alps flower is always sunny and full of people. A lot of seniors citizens spend hours in there taking the cup of coffee or watching the yard. This is amazing, how Zumtor creates this shining atmosphere inside the totally black.
Little black dress should contain a women inside to be alive... Women are like flowers, this pavilion has the soul, the garden inside, the architecture.

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