Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guggenheim Museum New York - few details

The normal view of the museum is clean modernist. But this amazing building has some interesting details show to as how complicated was the world of architecture at the time, when this building was created.

Almost impossible to see this playful basement, only if you standing very close to the building. No doubt this detail came from the previouse era, from ar-deco style.

Unlike a lot of very popular views from the opposite side of the street, where you can see the whole idea of the building, here the letters of the name of the museum seem very important for understanding through font and grafic design.

The glass roof covering the atrium also looks alien to the main idea. Looks like something very great and important came to architect's mind, the great idea of spiral volume has been created, but few things stay away of his attention.

Hand made handrails without any industrial details. They have made this form at the site for sure.

I was lucky to see this emptiness of galeries, main exposition was in the atrium at the moment. These complicated intersections of walls, ceilings and shelves could say to me more and more about Frank Loyd Wright, famouse and unknown.

And finally this gold sink for drinking water. Same things exist at each floor. Really "say hello!" for glamorous richness from 20-ths.

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