Sunday, June 17, 2012

CUBE pavilion in Milano spring of 2012

If you visited Milano this spring, you might see very unusual white structure on the left side from Duomo.
Small pavilion sits on top of traditional classic building and looks exactly like UFO's picknick desk.
Really this is a restaurant, very lovely place to observe evening activity on Duomo square together with fantastic Mishlen cuisine.
The project has made by Park Associati for Electrolux, and been finished in 2011.
The restaurant has very small space, only for twelve persons, and reminds private house have been built for visits on weekend. Total area no more than 150 sq.m., and only living room, kitchen, one bathroom and two small storage rooms could be placed there. The interior consists of white painted metal surfaces, glass, plastic boards on the floor. The area equipped with heaters and clima sistem.

The dinner table appears from above suddenly), completely laid for exact quantity of persons invited to the dinner. Staff removes hinges and they go back inside the ceiling.

Metallic wrapping around the structure made of steel with cut out parametric pattern.

Fantastic play of semi-reflective glass surfaces behind metal decoration.

And finally the dinner comes just for 250 euro per person, but unforgettable experience worth every cent of the price!))).

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