Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fortunately, this year I was able to visit Serpentine pavilion again. I always thought that Serpentine pavilion is the place, which I should visit every year, when I can do it. Sometimes it is very surprisingly, sometimes predictable. This year there are a few things to discuss and may be to argue.

First of all, this artifical pond is amazing!!! It has been made very simple and very easy in materials, it looks like it used to be here long time. At least, same time as classic pavilion.
Fantastical old-style mirror fill the place.

The only thing to discuss is the space under the pond.

Yes, this well organised and very creative space, made in complex way using a lot of info about old foundations of pavilions built before, pipes, invisible water flows ets.

But it is too dark there.

And lighting in the middle of the day is strange.

Suppose, If they have made just a few openings exactly in the bottom of the pond? Openings with glass, plastic or something else.

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