Thursday, October 4, 2012

What going on with Zaha Hadid Chanel pavilion now...

Could you imagine that such piece of art could be so abandoned in our time? We have internet access almost everywhere. Any info needs just minutes to reach around the world. And any structure built by ZH is famouse and has a lot fans are crowding nearby.
The one of most inventive temporary buildings sits in Paris a few hundreds meters aside from Notre Dame, fully accessable, and almost has no visitors behind this fence.

Does no one, from millions of people who visit Notre Dame, has no interest in modern architecture? Guys! We need just smal stand close to famouse cathedral which is pointing to another small but same way revolutionary building.
No info in internet, which is pointing that you can visit this pavilion for free, watch details and joints, touch the surface.
No info that you can reach this pavilion just a few minutes by walk from famouse tourist places in Paris.
And no info in paris itself that this structure belongs to Paris now.

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